Monday, March 28, 2011

"Don't mess with your eye, you can't get another one!"

This was the advice from KBW last night when I asked her whether or not it would be okay to put Vaseline on the corner of my eyelid since it was dry and hurting.  There were the reasons she cited for why it would be a bad idea:
1. it's a petroleum product (this worries her about many items regardless of whether or not I'm going to put them near my eye)
2. it's for external use only (although I know for a fact people put it on the inside of their noses)
3. it wasn't on a homepathic website as a solution
4. her eye doctor didn't recommend it - rather he said you should put warm compresses on your eyes in 5 minute intervals for 15 minutes
5. you don't want to mess with your eye, you can't get another one! (I must point out here that it does say on the jar of Vaseline that you can use it to remove eye make up)

So I tried the compresses -- after scalding my hand in the water -- KBW stressed that she said warm not hot water.  She asked if I felt better and I said that it hurt worse from pressing on my eyes and it makes all kinds of bright lights on your eyelids -- this freaked her out and she stressed that I was supposed to press gently and not try to get my eyes against the back of my head.

The result -- my eyelid is still dry and now it may very well be bruised from the compression.  KBW may be a PhD, but she's no eye doctor!

What do you think -- can you put Vaseline on the skin near your eye?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So much for a quiet weekend....(notes added by kbw day after original post)

Kristina came to Boston this week for a little work assignment and stayed through the weekend for some retail therapy and a Wii Dance Off via Just Dance 2.

     FYI: Carie kicked my ass on the dance off.  Be happy you didn't have to witness this event, it wasn't pretty.

As we came home last night from our shopping adventure we heard dogs barking from the apartment across the hall. (two yip yip dogs) Since we haven't updated that situation in a while -- Bess moved out after getting in a fight with Muffy. Muffy appears to have a new room mate although she is rarely there.  Anyhow, since the barking was annoying I called the landlady and let her know that there were dogs over -- there's a policy in the lease that we are not allowed to have any pets. 

     I have to say that Carrie was quite determined.  She said "I am going to call the landlady right now" - went to a secret place, dug out the locked box of important items and before I could answer her question "is it too late to call" was dialing the number.  It was very impressive and yet seemed a bit out of character for my easy going mild mannered friend.

Two hours later the landlady called me back and said she called Muffy and there was no answer -- and that she left a message telling her to remove the dogs and would be over in the morning.

     Carrie corrected her and said "oh no, she's been there all night - I can hear her talking and laughing now."  The landlady said something to the effect of "really?  I knew she wasn't telling the truth - if she thinks she can play me...."

Muffy then went out for the evening, leaving the dogs to bark well past midnight when KBW and I put in our earplugs, retired for the evening and wondered what drama the morning might bring.

     Nothing like sleeping on a flip out futon with earplugs on a Saturday night.  For some weird reason I pictured Carrie and I in flannel, floor length nightgowns which buttoned up to our necks and had a ruffled collar.  We had on little lacy bonnets and if you looked closely, you could see little brightly colored ear plugs sticking out of our ears as we shuffled off to our respective beds.

At 8:45am there was a lot of knocking, doorbells ringing and dogs barking across the hall.  (Apparently I was exhausted and the ear plugs were working because I missed all of this).  When Muffy finally answered she was told to remove the dogs as they were not allowed.  (As Carrie told me, it was more like: Dogs are NOT allowed, you MUST removed them immediately as the older landlady kept yelling (with a Chinese accent) NO DOGS, NO DOGS!). She gave an award winning performance with tears and lots of drama about how the dogs were in town for a funeral (because we all know dogs regularly attend funerals) and they would be gone by the end of the day.  The landlady held firm and told her she was sorry but they had to be out and that the other tenants were complaining about the barking. (re: Carrie) In moving the dogs to her car, Muffy somehow let the dogs get loose and had to call and chase them about. (Oscar, OSCAR!! [screeching]) The landlady said she would be back to check later in the day. (Note lack of follow-through on the landlady's part here but dog toys and leash were tossed in the back hallway by Muffy as an indication of the dogs return back to where they belonged which took about 45 minutes so clearly they are Boston dogs).

Since then Muffy had been in and out of the apartment, slamming doors, yelling and carrying on, banging on the walls.  She left for a while, but is now back and up to the same antics.  Our favorite Muffy quotes in all of this are:

"This is why I didn't want to rent from someone who was Chinese, they have no respect for anyone."  [side note: I have one of the best landladys ever! who is very kind and respectful]

"My neighbor is such an a**hole!  I won't f@#*ing forget this!  EVER!"

Needless to say she's mad and I've taken pictures of my car while she was gone in case she decides to key it or something.  Welcome to Spring Break ....CRAZY!!

(I went back to Maine ASAP).