Tuesday, June 18, 2013

we are busy people (or not)

HA!!  I just decided to check the blog and while I know I haven't been able to add any super duper important things to it for a few weeks or months, I was assured that my compadre Mizz Carrie was dutifully discussing the complexities of being a wild single career gal in the big city of beantown.  Alas, this was not true.

How could this be?  What has she been up to?

HA HA!!! That was a lie!  Sort of, she has been busy but never promised to continue the blog although we have discussed it at length, somehow we haven't been able to keep up with this.  To let you know we are still doing important things for humanity, this is the Congressional Edition of our blog - YOU decide what is truth, semi-truth or a falsehood.  If in doubt, contact the NSA, they know what's going on.

1.  The first is easy, since last we posted in July 2012, Carrie, me and a gang of nefarious characters have had dinner with P!nk right before her concert.

False!  We did go see her in concert thought and it was with a gaggle of nefarious individuals:

 2.  (Damn I can't get this blog to format correctly)... Ok so both of us moved, I am now living in Hanover NH with my partner Daisy, some kids and various animals  that live inside and outside of our home.  Carrie purchased a new home in lovely Houghs Neck MA - right on the ocean pretty much.  You can decide who lives in which place:


3.  Carrie decided to to finally admit she loves animals and got a new house pet:

4.  In addition to moving I decided to go back to school and earn my MPH (Master's of Public Health).  Here's a picture of some friends of mine from the program who just finished:

5.  At the risk of shameless self-promotion - Carrie just got a promotion to Associate Dean of the College (aka. Ass Dean) and Daisy and I just published an article on screening for substance use and pregnancy in the Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health.

6.  I think this is enough to prove that we are still alive and kicking.  Do stay in touch and we'll try to do something - whether its interesting or not - and maybe yack about it here, in less than 11 or so months.  Oh, we decided to make a documentary about our friendship - here's the promo for it - let us know what you think: