Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things to Consider on Labor Day Weekend

Hello B&BS fans - here's a random list of 10 things that have crossed our minds this Labor Day Weekend.  These may or may not be inspired by actual events.

1.  You can never make too much jam and adding vanilla or cinnamon to jam makes it "infinitely better" but I guess only works if you like cinnamon or vanilla and are not allergic to either one or both.

2. Don't give your bank information to someone who is posing as someone from the Red Cross and tells you its' safer to give your information on paper than it is on-line because that's how they used to do it in the olden days.  This is especially true if you're at Downtown Crossing.

3.  When meeting a snake, remember it is impolite to look at its "package".  

4.  Wine is a drink.

5.  Beer tastes great after hauling and splitting wood all day. The jury is out on how it tastes after seeing certain snake parts.

6. One of us has a new understanding as to why people don't make tomato paste at home.

7. St. Anthony makes way more money at the end of the festival than the beginning; probably because the ending takes ten hours.

8.  The Food Network should not advertise Hamburger Helper.

9.  Hurricane's and tropical storms do strike people who live far away from the ocean and that doesn't make them bad people.

10. You can get your period after you make a baby - even if you make one at home in less than five hours.