Thursday, June 23, 2011

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We trudged up and down Diamond Head today and then watched people trying to surf at Waikiki.  Due to being a little worn down I'm just posting food pics tonight.  Mind you, we've eaten more than what's up here but we didn't take pics of everything - this is what we remembered to do.

Water, Pomegranate Iced Tea, Cesar Salad and Pineapple Iced Tea from the YWCA in 

Pulled Pork with fresh greens, garlic aioli and onion rings from the YWCA.

Seared Tuna with Bacon, some kind of special sauce, fresh greens and onion rings.  Like the other food, its all local and organic.  YWCA are rock stars!

Mai Tai's from Duke's Surfer bar (not the correct name) in Waikiki.

More from Duke's:

Sashimi (Ahi) w/pickled ginger.

Duke's Hot Wings &...

Duke's fries.

Lava flow?  Unsure of name and this was standing upright in the foto, don't know how to flip it properly for the blog.  

Missing food includes really cruddy Cesar salad and ok tasting but bad for the bod calimari and popcorn shrimp from a place in Hale'iwa.  Also a most awesome breakfast of coffee, grapefruit juice, sweetbread french bread and Huevos Rancheros with avacado from an awesome restaurant in Hale'iwa plus the little breakfasts and snacks we've had at the condo.

This is the pod containing the mysterious nut that may not be fit for human consumption but was tossed over the lanai railing before I could figure out what it was.

I found this on the beach and I suggested we try out our Iron Chef skills until Vickie noted that something else had already consumed whatever was inside.

Mahalo for reading; another blog to come soon.  


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