Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And so it begins

Carrie and I are often joking around about 1) our friendship ("how are they bffs?") and 2) the amusing things that we encounter together so today we decided that since we sometimes feel like our adventures are similar to a reality show that we'd enter the world of blogging so our techno pals who have run out of things to do can see what we're up too. Plus it helps me to feel a bit less antiquated since I don't text or have a cell with a camera on it and currently still use a paper planner - which tends to sit on my desk - at least I look organized.

This all happened when we were having some ice cream at the Dairy Treat - which I think was in Milton or Quincy. Nice metal sign with someone in a parka eating icecream. The place sold hot dogs, clam something or others and sides included rice pilaf if one didn't want onion rings, french fries or mozerella sticks. It had festive teal/bluey and lime green colored strips, a painting of a polar bear in flip flops and funky lettering.

Best quote taken out of context: "My ice cream is melting and sticking to my thighs".

More soon - if we can make this thing work properly. - k

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