Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I stand (well actually, sit) corrected.

So the mighty Dr. C. returned from teaching her last class of the summa' and corrected my minor errors on the first blog.

1. The place we went to is the Dairy FREEZE not Dairy Treat (as is found in Minnesota). As a good sociologist, she of course provided evidence for her claim (notice foto on right).

Dairy treat is very different. I looked for a picture but couldn't find one. I did find a picture of one of the butter head sculptures that happen at the Great Minnesota State Fair every year. Princess Kay of the Milky Way and her court get their heads sculpted in butter. When the fair is over they get to keep them and offen the butter is consumed at some kind of big deal picnic or something.
2. The quote was actually (and this is better than what I posted - really, it is - just let us know what you think): "The ice cream is melting and running down my thigh."
3. There we some random grammar things but she's making dinner and I want to go back to working and watching the "Deadliest Catch" while I still have access to cable.
Assuming we have access to internet, more will follow at some point.

Snack list update: in addition to pretzels, carrots, an apple, some cheese & ham something, yummy organic cheese crackers, honey candy, trail mixes and some other stuff, we now have vanilla sugar wafers and twizzlers. We'll be able to get to VA just powered on the sugar alone. Good thing we're having tofu spring rolls for dinner.

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  1. Must be easy to write for "Deadliest Catch" since half of it is bleeped out . . .

    How can there be no chocolate on the list?
    We'll fix that Thursday.