Monday, July 5, 2010

Musings of a 4 year old

On our journey we've been able to stay with friends who have kids. A couple of nights ago we stayed at Chez Ryan and spent time conversing with the 4 year old in the house. Here were some of my favorite exchanges and what I learned....

Favorite color: PINK!

Favorite song: Twinkle, Twinkle -- no wait The Hot Dog Song which goes something like this -- "Two little hot dogs laying in a pan, one hot dog said it's getting hot in here, the other hot dog said ahhh that's a talking hot dog! After singing this she told me to tell my mom -- who she thought was Kristina.

The only gymnastics she knows are somersaults - that's it!

Her fish are named lettuce and apple. There's also Lucky - when asked what happened to Lucky Jr. she said, "oh, he died a long time ago" but we have information that suggests that it really was Lucky who died.

She has a stuffed bunny named vanilla. She likes to brush her and told us that she doesn't scream much.

And she loves the Girl Scouts because they have a cup that changes color when you put milk in it.

One of her new favorite things is yogurt (this is explained when her face is about 3 inches from yours) that tastes like orange popscicles - but it's YOGURT! You can get it at Harris Teeter although her Mom said Target.

Finally, I can be her friend if I buy a pop-up book, but I shouldn't spend all my money on it because as she said, that's just not smart.

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