Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Exciting Feature: Guest Blogger Margie

Hey everyone - its time for a new post.  I was going to write about the fabulous VFP convention and highlights of the first week of school but instead Carrie and I have invited a guest to the blog to shake things up a bit.

[guest blogger Margie starts here]

Hey!  Have any of you seen the blog "catalog"?  Well I suggested to C&K that they should do something similar but to apply it to academics.  To illustrate my idea, I've provided examples of famous sociologists below.  Enjoy!

'C' says: notice how my famous theory tied to sexuality propelled me into a fabulous job at a place with fancy bookcases.

'J' notes: once I become known as being the great white hope, I'll get a proper haircut.

[K:  hey Carrie, are we going to get in trouble for letting our guest blogger do this?  C:  as long as we don't use their names we should be ok.]

'L' demonstrates how she can see the forest for the trees.

'C': if you drink enough coffee and eat enough pie you can imagine anything.

'J' urges us to rush out into the streets and DO IT.... but don't

panic.  Remain calm, move along, there's nothing to see here - really.

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