Friday, September 24, 2010

Things I heard today...

As I was walking to and from my classes today I heard the following:

1. "Dude, really, she was hanging out with a bucket all night."

2. Student #1: "Hey I need to apologize to you for last night."  Student #2: "Last night?  No you don't.  I don't remember anything from last night!"

3. "You wouldn't even believe it, I was @!*#ed up!"

And when I got to my sociology class and many of them were missing I asked, "where are all your friends today?"  The response was, "probably in bed, apparently there was some big party last night!"  To which I replied, "yeah, I know" and it freaked them all out.  When they asked how I knew I simply said, "How? Powers of observation and inductive reasoning - look it up it will be on your test."  I got a smile from most of them.

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