Sunday, January 22, 2012

The BIG Game Weekend

To celebrate the last weekend before the start of the semester, Carrie traveled to Maine to have a fun-filled weekend with Kristina. 

Here's the breakdown...

Fun Friday: Carrie arrived to a snowy Maine where she was able to view a beautiful sky and the pyramids of western Maine from the comfort of Kristina's chichin.

We then talked about important things at "seminar" with KBW's friends Ashley, Chris, Kristen, Tom, Drew, Sarah, and Stephanie.  We had cool drinks and a nice snack and headed home for enchiladas and a Skype date with Gretchen and Ruth who are in Paro, Bhutan.  We learned about Ginger cookies, the meat market (where there are piles and piles of meat), hats from Assam, India and the difference between where they are and North America.  We then settled into part I of the Yahtzee tournament.

Super Saturday: We began our day with Carrie noticing a new DIY project for KBW.  What started with the simple phrase "Did you know your medicine cabinet is a little lean-y ended with this:
Don't worry b&b fans it's under control!

With screw measurements in KBWs pocket, we headed to Daisy's for a lovely breakfast of popovers, fruit, omelets, and all you can drink coffee and tea.  We were entertained with animals chasing each other and watching high schoolers have a floppy wrist fight while trying to avoid a case of caffeine psychosis.  The seven year old was smart and played legos by himself in another room.

FINALLY after 7 years of waiting KBW finally took Carrie to the elusive town of:

WATERVILLE!  While here we took in the movie The Descendents and while shopping for dinner afterwards couldn't quite figure out what the big deal is with that movie except that Clooney cries [oops spoiler alert].  We then came back to Farmington and made a chicken dinner and prepared to go back to Daisy's for part 2 of the Yahtzee tournament where we learned that probability theory doesn't help you win at all.  Clearly this is why KBW excelled at the tournament.  Good thing Carrie got her groove on and was able to manage to win one round -- although this did happen the time that she started keeping score.

Snoozy Sunday: After recovering from Saturday -- meaning we slept in past 8am -- we celebrated by having pancake Sunday.
Once we got our carbs on we decided to round out the game weekend with some ladderball. [Don't try this in your own home -- it really should be played outside -- but it's cold in Maine and our moms weren't here to tell us "don't play ball in the house!".]  If you aren't familiar with the game you toss these balls at the frame from about 15 feet away -- we had just enough room from the living room to the chi-chin.  Once again KBW won -- she's fulfilling her horoscope that said she would have a good year.

Sometime during the weekend, we won't tell you when, we played a game with cherry stems from our drinks.  Guess which of the b&b team could do this:

Yep there's a knot in the stem and you can't use your hands!

Until the next adventure, all we can we say is -- we've got balls!

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